Stonehenge, Wiltshire. 10 myths and theories about Stonehenge.

stonehenge wiltshire

During the last century Stonehenge became the sort of symbol of Great Britain, the place where every decent tourist considers as a duty to be snapped on the background of, as the proof of having holiday in that particular place.

I clearly remember my first imprassion on Stonehenge. Notwithstanding the rapturous reverence and joyful satisfaction of my childhood dream was fulfilled there, at heart I felt a slight perplexity. Roughly speaking there is only a pile of huge stones standing on the empty field and being quite remote from any settlements, but only for walking around them, not even touching, there's such long queue line up every day as if in the centre of Salisbury Plain the great wizard himself Merlin was doing conjuring tricks.

Only in the British Islands the archeologists run across about 900 diminutive Stonehenges not mention to the countless amount of similar prehistoric structures found in the territory Of Europe and Asia. Stonehenge is simply the most grandiose and preserved of its time, moreover it's been covered by the mystery. But as far as the enigma equals with the atractivness by most of the people, the infinite streams of tourists flow to Salisbury Plain, probably hoping that right on the spot it dawns on them why about 4600 years ago someone made such titanic efforts for erecting Stonehenge.

It needs to be said that during the last centuries there have been considered a great deal of different assumptions regarding «who?» and «why?» had built Stonehenge. Here are some myths and theories about Stonehenge:

1. Stonehenge appeared due to the druids that used it as a sacrificial temple for making their gory rituals. It was one of the first virsions disprooved with the development of the science and technologies. It was shown to be true that the Celts beared no relations to the construction of Stonehenge, because they came to the British Islands later than the megalithan construction had been put together.

2. Stonehenge was built as the solar and lunar calendar, and it was the sort of peculiar astronomical observatory of the Bronze Age. Though there are questions arise then: «Why build such a labour-intensive calendar only for the obsering the Sun and the Lune? Why not to observe it by means of leaving the marks on any surfaces?»

3. Stonehenge illustrates the model of Solar System according to which the System consists of 9 planets instead of 12.
stonehenge wiltshire

4. As far as in the site of Stonehenge were found approximately 250 burials, some scientists concluded that it was the largest Neolithic cemetry and resting-place for the elite of that time.

5. The supporters of this idea say, that someone made their route of 200 miles for bringing the huge blocks from the mountains in Wales to the Salisbury Plain, to the purpose. Since the site where Stonehenge was built is a so-called place of power, the source of salubrious energy, where people feel an inexplicable surge of vigour and get healed from various ilnesses. As proof of it there were discovered the interments of people with obvious body injuries, who presumably used to make pilgrimage to the cryptic place in hope of getting cured from their deseases.

6. Stonehenge is neither more nore less a portal into parallel worlds. Some people believe that the druids weren't exterminated by the Roman legionaries, that they simply escaped to another dimension with help of Stonehenge.

7. Stonehenge was created by an alien civilization as a message for the humans, which will be deciphered when the mankind is ready for it.

8. Stonehenge is…hm…a somewhat of Neolithic vagina, a monument being the embodiment of the Cult of the Mother Goddess. According to this bold theory the altar stone is none other than the clitoris.

9. There is the believe that the British Islands used to be a mountain part of sunken Atlantis. The Atlantians, who could affect the wave nature of things and because of that move the heavy monoliths, erected Stonehenge as one of many temples of the Cult of the Sun.

10. Stonehenge is the landing ground for the alien spaceships, an original radar, indicating the direction owing to very strong magnatic and energetic chanels of the Earth having been concentrated there. In favour of this theory says the fact that the slabs of Stonehenge consists of quartz.
carhenge in nebraskaCarhenge in Nebraska
This mineral is well known for its characteristic of emanation the radio-waves, which makes the megaliths a real radio transmitter. And the magnitic anomalies as well as the occurrences of UFOs with attributed to them crop circles are quite frequent phenomenons in the area of Stonehenge.

While we've been advancing the hypotheses regarding the nature of Stonehenge, it is getting more and more popular and produce a certain amount of peculiar imitations. So in Maryhill,Washington in the beginning of the 20th century was built the copy of Stonehenge, to be exact the interpretation of Stonehenge in its heyday, before it was destroyed by the humans and time. In America, the state of Nebraska there is its own Carhenge, and possibly in the distant future someone will be asking oneself why all those weird means of conveyance of the 20th century were collected together.

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