Seven Sisters, East Sussex. The siblings of the White cliffs of Dover in Sussex.

beachy head east sussex

The White cliffs of Dover might be the most well known and popular, especially by the tourists, but Seven Sisters certainly don’t give in to them their attractiveness. Looking on these undulating chalk cliffs that seem like a huge piece of cheesecake, you can highly appreciate the power of the elements, which created this breathtaking beauty. Although it’s fair to say that this power haven’t been merciful to its creation. According to the annual statistics about a metre of erosion of the Seven Sister’s cliffs disappears. This fact puts under the threat of extinction the existence of a cosy hamlet Birling Gap having been nestled almost on the edge of the cliffs.
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Few miles to the east from Seven Sisters and Birling Gap is situated Beachy Head - the most high sea rock face in Britain, though it is more infamous as being a number one favourite spot in the UK of those who decide to settle a score with their lives. Some people blame for the amount of suicides the sprite of a monk that allegedly lures the victims to leap off Beachy head. Others say that it is all because of the accumulation of negative energy in this place, which like a magnet, draws in those who don’t see the light in the end of the tunnel anymore. Well, someone who wants to find a black cat in the dark room will definitely do it. But while this shady popularity is going on, the local authorities placed the phone box with the Samaritan’s direct number by the precipice.
beachy head east sussex

But hopefully the majority of people visit Seven Sisters and Beachy Head area for having good time and enjoying life, but not ending it. There are plenty of paths for walking or cycling. Or it is nice simply to have a rest somewhere on the grass and lapse into the contemplation of the views of the seaside and nearby villages. The unspoilt nature and lack of the industrial signs of civilization also makes this site very prepossessing for the filmmakers. So Seven Sisters, for example, became the perfect romantic decoration for “Atonement” with Keira Knightley and James McAvoy.

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