Wisley Gardens. The mini version of Eden Project in Surrey.

wisley gardens

Within 25 miles from the concrete jungle of London is the sprawling 240-acre horticultural paradise of RHS Wisley Gardens. But the Royal Horticultural Society took over the gardens in the 1903 as a generous donation from Sir Thomas Hanbury, who is also renowned for the creation of La Mortola garden on the Italian Riviera. Initially Wisley Gardens were situated on modest 60 acres of farmland and only with time they perceptibly expanded to what they look like now.

Such grand style gardens like Wisley are always interesting to visit. Whenever you visit there is definitely something flowering, thriving or crawling. The Canal Area, reflecting the Tudor-style out buildings, is covered with so longed-for after the wintertime daffodils during the spring months and with the multiple varieties of fuchsias at summer. Battleston Hill turns into something really magic during April with its paths winding through the exuberance of azaleas, rhododendrons, magnolias and camellias. The Pinetum with its massive austere conifers is near the massive fruit orchard with a round 700 different apple trees. Don’t also miss a cute miniature Bonsai Garden and the Model Gardens, giving the fresh ideas on how to make a nice retreat in you very tiny back garden.

The Wisley Glasshouse is a place to visit at any season.
It is certainly not as dazzling as its junior brother Eden Project in Cornwall, but big enough for containing the dry temperature zone of South Africa, Australia and Chile with its copious collection of cacti and succulents, the humid zone of South America and Australasia with the waterfall, not only maintaining the balance of moist but also brightening up the whole area, and the zone of tropical rainforest with the abundance of palm trees, bromeliads and climbers, highlighted by an exquisite collection of orchids.There is also a cognitive exhibition in the glasshouse root zone, telling quite interesting facts about the roots, the essential role they play in the growth of plants, trees as well as in the lives of human beings.

Ambling along this so solicitously looked after realm of vegetation you involuntarily quiz yourself what this sumptuous place doesn’t have. You can even encounter the exotic eucalyptus tree with its ivory smooth trunk and gorgeous mimosa clustered with fluffy golden bunches throughout the spring.wisley gardensNo matter whether you are an enthusiastic gardener, fed up with the London’s bustle city-dweller or simply a nature admirer, you will definitely not leave this place unimpressed. And probably you will also not go away from there empty-handed. After the profusion of shrubs, flowers and plants, well provided with describing tags as well as whetting your imagination and appetites, it is unlikely that you will escape from the temptation of 10,000 varieties of plants in the plant centre.


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