Sheffield Park – the sanctuary of harmony and serenity in East Sussex

sheffield parkAlthough this 120-acre oasis of sheer serenity was laid out in the 18th century by Capability Brown, the chief developer of “natural” landscape gardens in England, and afterwards completed by his talented follower Humphry Repton (the creator of Antony House, Woburn Abbey gardens etc), Sheffield park had already existed long before that, most probably as deer park. Once it was owned by Thomas Howard, the 3rd Duke of Norfolk who wined and dined there his honourable guest Henry VIII just a couple of years after the execution of his niece and the king’s second wife.
Most of the guidebooks write that the best time to visit Sheffield Park is spring due to its immense collection of rhododendrons clustering the banks of four mirror-like lakes and autumn, when the maples scattered all around the park get painted in various hews of red. It is all true, Sheffield Park’s vistas are especially striking during these times of year, but it doesn’t mean that the park looses its endearing charm in summertime for example. What can be better than to idly stretch yourself out in hot summer day on the lawn by the refreshing lake, to expose your face to the sun and breeze, murmuring in the trees and gently stroking your skin.sheffield parkSheffield Park is also well known for its arboretum of conifers, some of that seem to be quite old with their owe-looking massive trunks. The intoxicating aroma given off by all these junipers, cedars, thujas and spruces are well known as being salubrious and relaxing for human body, so the night after having had visited Sheffield park you are unlikely to have any difficulties with trying to fall asleep.
The feeling of seclusion is yet another pleasant feature of Sheffield park. There is no count to meandering paths crossing many little ridges, benches in sheltered nooks and crannies and hidden cosy clearings where you can enjoy your picnic or just a brief nibble without having been gazed by the passer-by.
The ride in a steam train of the Bluebell Railway (few minutes walk from the park), expanded for nine miles throughout the bucolic panoramas of East and West Sussex, can also make a perfect addition to your day out in Sheffield Park.

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