England in pictures

cornwall england

Camelot Castle Hotel in Tintagel, Cornwall

english nature

A profusion of colours in Eynsford, Kent

east sussex england

A view of East Dean and Friston, East Sussex

cornwall england

Famous for King Arthur's Castle Tintagel in Cornwall

windsor berkshire

Walking along the Thames in Windsor

farm kent

Beautiful English countryside

english winter

Winter Wonderland in Kent

english humour

English sense of humour or Halloween preparation in Kent

countryside uk

Harvesting in Kent

the weald

The Weald of Kent

dover kent

The town of Dover in Kent

english winter

Winter scenery of Kent

english nature

Wisley gardens in Surrey


England Travel Info said...

England is beautiful. :)

Anonymous said...

These beautiful pictures make you want to visit all these places. Well done Anna.

Anonymous said...

If I have evidence from a computer that is being used to give me regularly sattellite news information as I drive about the imminent finance proposals made by 2009 election Chicago- Grand Park results and its evidence across the shore in Lake Erie that the system of glacial flooding and storm that keeps our fields and university heating and systems cool, whereas transport is made particularly isolated from Ottawa down to the border by this incipient "bank" of sorts in multiracial power rivals in Buffalo, shall I report? University district banks in Toronto are dying down. It's not to say that anyone is destroying the Kentish winter and its view of the rooms.

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